Top Reasons the New Library is Underway!

The current Yorba Linda Public Library facility has served our community well for over 50 years, but is showing signs of age and heavy use. To meet the current and future needs of the growing community, a new library building is needed.  These are the reasons why.


Outdated.   The first section of the building was built in 1959, and the additions were completed before public computers were used in the library.

Undersized.   The current building offers 50% less space than what is recommended by industry standards for Yorba Linda’s estimated build-out population of 70,000 residents.

Worn-out.   With over 1,100 visitors per day, the library is heavily used and one of the busiest libraries in Orange County.

Structurally damaged.   As it has aged, the building has begun to deteriorate.  One example is the top floor which has failed, shifted and sloped toward the outer edge of the building.  Although support to the floor has been constructed to alleviate the damage and ensure public safety, further structural concerns are anticipated.

Deficient.  There is high demand for more parking, lighting, seating and study space, shelving, computers, electrical outlets, quiet areas, event space and restroom facilities.

Inflexible.  Due to three successive expansions, the building’s complex, multilevel layout has eroded overall functionality.  The result is congested traffic areas; the inability to accommodate change and innovation; and customer confusion in locating entrances/exits, service desks & event areas.

Inefficient.   Improvements are needed to reduce energy use & increase operational cost effectiveness.  For example, the library spends over $67,000 each year in electricity costs alone which could be reduced with energy efficient systems.  Also, the library has been unable to implement staff time-saving devices due to lack of space.

Inadequate.   Children, teens and adults are turned away from storytimes and other events due to insufficient space.

Overdue for expensive infrastructure replacements.   For example, the library’s air conditioning units are 30 years-old and in constant need of repair.  Additionally, the leaking roof, non-ADA accessible elevator, and other malfunctioning systems are all over 40 years-old and need replacement.

Lacking Advanced Options.  Unable to support future technological advances and service innovations such as a Homework Center, digital devices, sufficient wireless access, a much needed area for teens, download stations and interactive learning centers.