When will the new Cultural Arts Center and Library open?  Will the current Library be open during this time?

It is presently anticipated that the new facility will be opening in Fall 2020.  The current library will remain in operation until the opening of the new facility.

Where will the new facilities be built?  What will they include?

The new facilities will be built off Lakeview Ave, just north of Yorba Linda Blvd, across from the Town Center development area that is under construction now.  The new library will be approximately three blocks from the current library.  It will be home to the Public Library as well as a new Cultural Arts Center.

What will the new facilities look like?

Based on community feedback, the facilities will have a civic, yet gracious presence; a timeless design that endures physically and aesthetically; be inspired by the local geography and nature in a subtle and elegant way; and maintain warm and sophisticated interiors, finishes, and details that are welcoming to all.

Why does the library need more space?

The current, heavily-used facility offers 50% less space than what is recommended by industry standards and has been outgrown by the community.  Since the last renovation of the facility, in-person visits have increased over 50% and program attendance by over 300%.

Why can’t the current library be expanded?

There are several challenges prohibiting the expansion of the current facility.  They include, but are not limited to: lack of available land to expand the current facility, daily parking challenges, structural complications that are cost prohibitive for another expansion and any major structural changes would have the facility closed for approximately two years.

With new technologies, are libraries even needed?

With all the advances in technology with digital books, personal smart devices, one might think library usage has decreased.  However, it’s actually just the opposite.  The demand for books, both print and digital, has increased.  In addition to books, the library has become more than just a place to house printed materials; it has become a community living room with events for all ages and access to non-traditional collections that include musical instruments and so much more.  You could easily say that libraries are more relevant today than ever.

The Cultural Arts Center is envisioned to have a Black Box Theater.  What is a Black Box Theater? 

In general, black box theaters are smaller venues that are designed for theater, dance and musical performances.  The best thing about a black box theater is the flexibility because it can have so many seating and stage configurations.

How will the City pay for the new Cultural Arts Center and Library?

The approved funding plan for the project includes maximizing the use of cash on hand in the Library Fund with the balance of the Library component to be funded through the issuance of bonds.  The Cultural Arts Center component of the project will be funded by General Fund Special Reserves that were set aside for the project and a portion of the proceeds of the sale of the lower portion of the City-owned West Bastanchury property.